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We help students pursue their dreams.

Who Are We?

helping the lives of students with a proven ability to overcome life's challenges

Youth Experience Fund is a 501(c)(3) startup nonprofit piloted in Rockingham County, NC with intentions to scale statewide. YEF is building an innovative incentive model for high school students of financial need. YEF selects students through a referral process from local community leaders. Following selection, YEF provides enrichment experiences, such as recording studio sessions, one-on-one coaching, etc., that are catered to the students' passions, lowering the financial barrier for the student. The student is promised these experiences from their time of selection until they graduate high school, under multiple conditions. In return, the student must perform well in the classroom, participate in extracurricular activities, and behave properly at home and in school. While the student views this as simply earning the next enrichment experience, they are actually preparing themselves for their future. Each student is also provided academic support and mentorship upon request. This incentive model has the potential to shift the trajectories of thousands of students.


To learn more about the YEF Program, please click here.

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YEF Program Application

Nominate a Student

Do you know of a rising 10-12th grader that has a strong interest/passion but lacks access to opportunities to pursue it? Use the form below to nominate a student.

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