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Our Current Initiative: 
The YEF 

The YEF Accelerator Program is new to Youth Experience Fund in 2023. The YEF Accelerator is a longevity focused program that will benefit students that need it most. This is a program uniquely designed to help every student excel inside and out of the classroom.


With this initiative we will select one student from each high school in Rockingham County and work alongside them each year until they graduate high school. Each student is allocated a specified budget that we will use to provide experiences related to their interests, connect them with tutoring and SAT/ACT prep, mentorship, mental health resources, and much more! Our potential is limitless. Our goal through this initiative is to provide students as many resources they need to reach their fullest potential and truly find their purpose in society as they complete high school. Whether students are looking to pursue the arts, a four year education, or a trade, YEF is here to help!

The Process

Graduation Ceremony


Student Nomination

Teachers, community leaders, counselors, coaches, etc. receive the nomination form and are encouraged to submit any rising 9th-12th grade student that they feel is motivated and passionate about something that YEF can help them explore deeper. Once all applications are submitted, we will go through an interview process with the nominator, as well as interviews with the student and their families.


Discovering Interests

Once we have selected students for the YEF Accelerator Program, we will begin our partnership with this student for the duration of their time in high school. We will have introductory meetings where we can understand their passions and interests, and get a sense for how YEF would be most beneficial for their high school experience as they prepare for their future.

Applying Opportunities

The YEF Accelerator will be highly catered to each student depending on their individualized needs and goals. A general outline of the program is comprised of multiple interest-related enrichment experiences per year (for example: shadowing, private classes, one-on-one coaching, meetings with an expert, etc). Additionally, we will provide the student with any resources they feel would aid them in school or at home (for example: financial literacy classes, SAT textbooks, college application stipends, resume reviewing, general tutoring, etc). Each student will be provided a mentor that they can turn to for professional or personal advice, and provide some perspective on how they can shape their interests into a sustainable future. These are just a few offerings provided to students that are selected for the YEF Accelerator Program.


Young Painter

Our Prior Intitative

Our first initiative was a "Make-a-Wish" model for underprivileged and underserved students in Rockingham County. We provided 17 students with enrichment experiences that enabled them to live out their passions.

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