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How YEF Began...

Experience Log

Youth Experience Fund began with the initiative to strategically fund enrichment experiences that benefit the youth of Rockingham County’s overall development. These are some of our past experiences YEF was able to make possible for these students:

boxing class.JPG


Arturo loves boxing and has always wanted to take a professional boxing lesson. Youth Experience Fund gave him a private lesson with Brent from Team R.O.C. Eden. Arturo learned some new techniques and got to put his boxing skills to the test with Brent's instruction. We hope Arturo continues building his passion for boxing!


Zay loves listening to music and wanted an opportunity to create his own music in a professional setting. Youth Experience Fund provided him a session in a recording studio so that he could get an opportunity to record his songs like a true musician he wants to be someday. He had an absolute blast in the studio with his cousin, and is sure to keep making music!


Paris' Experience

Paris has an interest in becoming a NICU nurse! Youth Experience Fund helped Paris hop on a call with a nurse's assistant, Emma, to learn more about working in a hospital and different aspects of working in healthcare. They talked about her career aspirations and Emma shared advice and stories from her job in a hospital. Paris was able to ask her questions and gained understanding in the nursing field. The call was productive and was one step towards Paris being more equipped to pursue a career in a hospital.


Skylar is an absolute ray of sunshine that loves to dance! She is currently a cheerleader for the Reidsville Tigers and is always looking to improve her techniques in dance and cheer. Skylar got to take four hip-hop classes at ReVamp Contemporary Dance Studio for her Experience. She absolutely shined in hip-hop! Never stop dancing Skylar!



Shakiya has expressed an interest in learning how to do hair and nails. She was so excited when she got a makeover by beauty technician, Victoria, at Day Lash Lounge in Reidsville. Not only did she have a fun makeover, she learned some makeup and nail techniques to practice on herself and others some day. So GLAMorous!


Tanner has loved basketball from a young age. He was so excited when Youth Experience Fund provided him the opportunity to sit court-side at a Greensboro Swarm basketball game! Not only did he watch a basketball game from awesome seats – but he was able to meet with an Account Executive from Greensboro Swarm and talk to players! He will remember this day for a lifetime!



Ashia made a goal for herself to become certified as a scuba diver for her senior project. She is fascinated by what she (and all of humanity) could learn from the underwater world. Ashia was so grateful that Youth Experience Fund could help her take a scuba diving class and achieve her goal of becoming certified as a diver! Just keep swimming Ashia!


Christian is active with his school's theater club. He has never been to a professional theater production, so Youth Experience Fund decided to send him to watch Les Misérables on Broadway in Greensboro. Not only did he see brilliant staging, sets, and singing – but he also had a blast with his dad! Shoot for the stars Christian!



Nine year old Jack loves learning about law enforcement. It has been a dream of his to meet a sheriff and get an up-close look at law enforcement responsibilities. Through Youth Experience Fund, Jack was able to speak with a sheriff one-on-one, ride in a sheriff car, and 'catch a bad guy'. He had so much fun and learned a lot!


Alyssa loves styling her hair and wanted to learn more about hair styling techniques. Youth Experience Fund partnered with Hair Under Construction – a black-owned mother-daughter hair salon in Reidsville for a hair styling appointment, as well as extra guidance and teaching throughout the appointment on how to recreate some of the techniques the stylist was doing. Alyssa had an amazing time being pampered and learned so much about styling hair!



Dylan loves animals and has expressed an interest in zoo-keeping at a young age. Youth Experience Fund granted Dylan a special opportunity to learn from a zookeeper first-hand and see animals up-close through the ZooTrek experience offered at the Greensboro Science Center. Dylan went through specific exhibits of the zoo and asked questions to the zookeeper about their daily encounters in their career. Dylan learned so much about zookeeping, and had an overall amazing time learning about something so special to him, animals!


Symari loves to perform and is interested in acting and modeling. Youth Experience Fund gave Symari a photoshoot that she will never forget! She prepared for her session by getting her nails and hair done, as well as choosing her outfits for the photoshoot. Symari did the photoshoot with a clothing company called Naked Honey, a women-owned loungewear brand created to make all girls and women feel comfortable and confident. Symari and her mom met with the owner of Naked Honey and a photographer at the Greensboro Botanical Gardens to take professional photos for the website of the clothing company. Symari absolutely shined in the photos and expressed her love for performing and modeling!



Jayden has always had a passion for singing and performing. He has found confidence and felt empowered through music and his voice growing up. Youth Experience Fund provided Jayden with a session at a recording studio in Greensboro, NC. He arrived at the studio with some of his favorite songs in mind that he wanted to sing. The studio producer set Jayden up with professional equipment to record songs. Jayden was able to sing and produce original covers of songs in his very own album. Jayden had an amazing day doing what he loves in a professional setting!

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