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Additional Ways to Support YEF

Become a Mentor

Do you want to experience a sense of fulfillment by directly helping a student navigate their path? A major part of our organization is being able to connect student's with successful role models as they go through high school and transition towards their future. We are constantly seeking individuals who are willing to act as a mentor for a YEF student. You will be expected to meet with them on a monthly basis (in person or remotely) and provide advice and knowledge from personal experiences. We will work to connect you with a student that has similar interests and passions as you and hope this can become a mutually beneficial 


Help us Build Our Network

Are you an experienced professional in a field that you would like to educate others on? Youth Experience Fund is aiming to be a resource for all students of Rockingham County. We are creating an extensive database in which we have contact information of business owners, professionals and experts in various careers and fields. Please consider helping the future of Rockingham County by being open to offering shadowing and internship opportunities to students who are  passionate in these areas. By becoming a network contact for YEF, we can ensure that hardworking and driven students are brought to you as the potential future faces of your field.

Partner, Sponsor, or Fundraise with YEF

Are you a business looking to work with YEF? We welcome any inquiries for partnerships, sponsorships, andfundraisers to further the goal of helping student's achieve their dreams. We are happy to do joint events.

Examples include:

  • Host a fundraiser night at your business

  • Become a scholarship sponsor in a family member's name

  • Inquire regarding a collaborative event opportunities


Please reach out regarding any ideas you may have!

Help make experiences happen.

The easiest and quickest way to get involved with YEF is by making a donation. This can be done through our homepage, as well as on our Facebook and Instagram. Donations serve our organization by giving us the funding for students' experiences, scholarships, resources, events, and much more!

Thank You

Your commitment to YEF is much more than a gift of your time or a donation. It is an investment towards a better tomorrow for Rockingham County and beyond. With your help, we can benefit students that need it the most. We will do everything within our power to provide the best return on your investment possible.

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